Recap Charmed: Season 4, Episode 2 - Charmed Again Part 2

In the underworld, the Oracle is looking into her crystal ball when the Source appears. The Source tells her that his assassin, Shax, has failed and the witch, Paige, is still alive. Being an Oracle, one who can see into the future, she tells him that she already knows. The Source, mad at the fact that the Oracle told him Paige’s future was short-lived and yet, she is still alive, comes off angry, but the Oracle corrects him in saying it appeared to be short-lived, and that seeing into the future isn’t always exact. The Source is aware of the fact that the Power of Three is strong and that the Charmed Ones being reunited makes Paige, although a new witch, almost untouchable. However, the Oracle, knowing more about human emotions than any other demon because of the things she is able to see with her powers, tells him that the bond has not yet formed between the sisters, making Paige vulnerable. She reminds him that all hope is not yet lost because of the great flaw in the grand design-the mythological window guaranteed by both sides, good and evil, to protect free will. Jumping on to the Oracle’s train of thought, the Source comes to see that Paige has not yet chosen a side, and that she can be easily swayed into using her powers for evil, as long as he can seduce her and gain her trust, and she will be his. After threatening the Oracle and telling her to see the future a little more clearly next time, he disappears.

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