Recap Charmed: Season 4, Episode 7 - Brain Drain

Piper is dealing with not having a "normal" life. Knowing that her defenses are down, the Source disguises himself as a chameleon demon, and gets into Piper's mind, convincing her that she is not a witch, has no powers and no sisters. He wants her to recite the relinquishing spell, which would give The Source all of the Charmed Ones' powers. Who is Alistaire? Alistaire is the real chameleon demon the Source has sent to spy on the Charmed Ones. When Cole and the Charmed Ones discover him, the Source says he has failed, and kills Alistaire. The Source assumes Alistaire's identity. The Oracle tells him the most vulnerable sister is Piper because she is getting sick of leading a witch's life.

Piper is throwing a baby shower at P3 for a "normal" friend. She is excited about finally spending time with her friends. But when the chameleon demon (the real Alistaire) appears, Phoebe feels Piper should not go to the shower, and they should vanquish him first. Piper goes to the shower anyway, and realizes how nice it is to have a normal life, and how nice the idea of having a baby would be. When Leo makes her leave the shower because Phoebe and Paige have found Alistaire, Piper is upset. She thinks they should offer the Source a deal: You leave us alone, we'll leave you alone, including his demons. No one agrees with her. When the Charmed Ones go after Alistaire, the Source has already destroyed him, and taken his place. They narrow down his location to two alleys. They split up, leaving Piper on her own. The Source finds her and takes her to the underworld. He gets into her mind, convincing her she is not a witch and she should say the relinquishing spell. He makes her believe that she is a mental patient in Halliwell Hospital (really the mansion). Piper knows that "Dr. Alistaire" is the demon, and that "Dr. Leo" is really Leo. Phoebe, Paige and Cole are also patients. Piper tries to find the Book of Shadows, but when the fake Phoebe gives it to her, it is a small notebook with no spells. In an effort to save herself and her sisters, Piper escapes from the "hospital" with them, but is hit by a car she tries to freeze because The Source has taken away her powers. The fake Leo tells Piper if she agrees to say the relinquishing spell, they can be together forever and have a baby. Piper begins to believe the Source, and begins reciting the relinquishing spell, but is stopped. When things return to normal, Piper tells Leo she wants a baby.

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