'The New Adventures of Old Christine' - 'A Family Unfair' Recap Season 5, Episode 14

Christine went into full crazy mode this week, after virtually the entire extended family showed up for New Christine's ultrasound. There was a lot of fun to be had with everyone trying to explain to the doctor, guest star Tim Meadows, how they were all connected to one another, and it made me realize that sitcoms -- or at least this one -- are more like soap operas than we may realize.

The marriages and relationships and romantic entanglements of this particular cast go beyond the unusual and into the realm of disturbing. And yet, it all seemed to progress so naturally over the last four-and-a-half seasons. That must be why it's so easy for soap fans to accept the crazy things that happen on their shows. And their crazy characters can't be nearly as crazy as Old Christine.

While it would be potentially funny for Christine to get pregnant and go through the experiences of pregnancy and infancy with her, I think it was the right move for her and Richard to realize they're too old to be having babies at this point. As they brilliantly pointed out, they don't know where Ritchie is half the time anyway. That's something we've talked about when watching the show; wondering where Ritchie is at during many of the scenes.

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