Top Gear Getting Into Video Games

Ever wanted to strap a Scion to two thermal rocket boosters and launch the bastard into the stratosphere or fill a car to the brim with water and drive it into general traffic just to see the reaction of the others drivers on the road? Do you still like having a clean driving record and car insurance that doesn't require the blood of your first born child?

BBC has got the solution for gearheads like you and me: an official 'Top Gear' video game! The broadcasting giant is taking the world's greatest car show and bringing it to a a Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS or iPhone near you, news that doubly good to me because I'm a huge 'Top Gear' fan and I called for it to be turned into a video game right here at TV Squad! Who says dreams don't come true now, Mom?

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Apr 26, 2010 8:57AM EDT

this is a brilliant idea — but why no PS3/360 versions?!?
the best parts of the show for this format are obviously:- the races between the three hosts, driving different vehicles across country;- followed by battling it out between a German 4x4s (Touerag/Cayenne/similar) against fully armed military chopper;- or Italian sports cars against British tanks;- then there's the affordably priced pram soccer match;- not forgetting the caravan/london bus smashups.
you couldn't pretend to put a real simulator in a game like this, (consider the fact GT5 is years behind schedule, plays like rubbish, and cost a mint to make). however, they could throw in an extras segment on the PS3 bluray version with an archive of reviews of all the cars from the show, then mix that into a Buzz-type trivia game.
all in all I'm excited to see what they come up with.

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