Recap Robin Hood: Season 2, Episode 7 - Show Me the Money

Robin's determined to get hold of the Great Pact of Nottingham, written proof of the Sheriff's treason, so when lovelorn Knight, John of York passes by Robin and the gang, begging them to take pity on him and save his girl, Robin formulates a plan.

The Knight is sent off not only with his own money, but also some of the money that Robin's men recently took. For Robin intends to rob everything back once it reaches the castle, by using York's silver to locate where the Sheriff's treasure - including the Pact - is hidden.

As the outlaws gather at the castle shadowing York's chest, fate is about to deal a devastating blow in the form of Gisbourne's new right hand man, Allan. Whilst Marian tends to Edward in the dungeons, she overhears Allan earning his keep by giving all of the outlaws' secret entrances and escape routes away. Once Robin realises that Marian is under threat too, he decides that England can wait: Marian needs saving.

Robin goes to Nottingham Castle to silence Allan so he wouldn't tell on Marian. However, Marian sees them and begs Robin not to kill him if he loves her. Finally admitting his love for her, lets Allan go. Meanwhile, Edward escapes the dungeon, using Marian's hairpin dagger (which was accidentally left in his hand while he was stroking her hair) to kill a guard, and rushes to the Sheriff's quarters to get the Pact from his bedroom safe. Robin comes in, also to get the Pact. The Sheriff wakes up and chases Robin out of the room. Edward and Robin meet up with the gang. As Edward and the gang flee, the Canon of Birkley steps in their path and threatens to kill Robin unless he is given the pact. Stepping in to defend Robin, Edward is stabbed and dies along with Birkley.

When Marian sees her father's body, Gisbourne tries to comfort her in her distress. He also tells her she may be in danger because her the guard was killed with her dagger. While Marian sobs in his arms, Gisbourne tells her that his feelings for her are stronger than ever; he then moves to kiss her on the mouth, but apologizes when she pushes him away. She rushes into her room where Robin waits. She collapses to the floor and Robin rushes to console her. He asks her to come and live in the forest with him and she finally accepts. They climb out out a window, and ride off together on a horse.

In the forest, John of York and his sweetheart get married, with Robin conducting the ceremony. They ride off and Marian and Robin hug each other.

Source: Wikipedia

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