THE LEAGUE ''The White Knuckler'' Review Season 2, Episode 3

THE LEAGUE is turning out to be much more similar, at least structure wise, to Curb Your Enthusiasm than its lead-in on the FX network. Last night's episode The White Knuckler, possibly the best yet in the series, came full circle for all of The League's story lines.

Kevin has an absurdly large collection of How to for Dummies books, but he also has a beautiful penis, something we learn from an ex Brooke, aka The White Knuckler (Lake Bell), who is now semi-dating Pete. Andre is trying to expand his practice by bringing in another doctor, and he would prefer one who is a class act, or in other words black. Ruxin uses a dying child he meets during mandatory charity work for his job to get football player Josh Gribbs so he can fix his flailing fantasy team. And Taco, being his wacky self, studies martial arts and decides to perform one of the most offensive song and dance routines ever.

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