The Simpsons: "Million-Dollar Maybe" Review Season 21, Episode 11

After their 450th episode focusing on Krusty and a celebratory special spreading the love, it was nice to have things get back to the familiar with "Million Dollar Maybe." And by familiar, I mean watching Homer do what he can to make his family happy, while screwing it up as he tries. Sunday night's episode had Homer letting down Marge, winning a million dollars, spending it all without her knowledge and still finishing the half-hour in the arms of the woman he loves. All this and laughs, too.

Things started with Homer and Marge preparing a musical toast for a cousin's wedding. But on the day of the wedding, Homer opened a fortune cookie stating this was his lucky day. At first, Homer blew off the fortune: "Any part of a cookie you can't eat is just a waste of time." But his luck did indeed start to turn as crashing into a vending machine resulted in its contents raining down for Homer's enjoyment. Instead of heading straight to the wedding, Homer stopped to buy a lottery ticket and got stuck a very long, very slow line. It was a fun set up, leaving Homer feeling guilty about missing the toast and unable to tell Marge that he was instead buying a winning lottery ticket. It was a nice touch to have Lenny and Carl help convince Homer that the fortune cookie may be right. I especially loved the headline from the Beijing Daily Worker: "New Fortune Cookies Vaguer, More Accurate."

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