Caprica: "Rebirth" Review Episode 2

Caprica exists in a world much like our own, albeit with some notable technology differences - including much more advanced space travel than us. But the second episode of the series had some fun showing some of the ways the society, while similar, also has cultural differences.

How about that group marriage thing, huh? Lacy going over to Clarice's home gave both her and us watching the information that her teacher shared her home with several men and woman. Based on Lacy's response, while this might not be something everyone does, it's also an understood part of Caprican society.

As a huge Friday Night Lights fan, I was also thrilled to see Scott Porter as one of Clarice's husbands. There was a fascinating, weird sexual dynamic at work here, as Clarice's young husband befriended the teenage Lacy, telling her more about their religious beliefs. And while Clarice denied using Porter's character, Nestor , or instructing him to seduce Lacy to get the girl on her side, it's safe to say Clarice doesn't seem like someone to take at face value. You can really see the fun Polly Walker, who was so delightfully manipulative in Rome, will be able to have with this character.

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