Recap The Young and the Restless: Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Daniel helps Abby realize that she does care what her parents think and others for that matter as they melt into a passionate kiss.

Lauren worries that there is chance Jill could win her lawsuit. Lauren refuses to allow Jill to have one penny of her father’s fortune. Later, Jill and Lauren both make their cases to the judge. As the judge is about to rule against Jill, Jill’s lawyer shows up with a surprise witness.

Chloe tries to get information from Nina about her other son, but Nina shuts her down. Meanwhile, Christine informs Ronan that once this case is over there is no reason to keep their secret from Nina anymore. Paul informs Heather that he found something in his father’s old case files that may help them find Nina’s son.

Ronan meets with Heather and Paul and realizes that Heather is holding the drugs from the jail for Chance. Chance agrees to meet with Owen in order to set up a sting operation. Christine becomes anxious when Paul informs her and Nina that he found Nina’s son’s adoptive parents.

Heather arrives to turn over the drugs and they are missing. Owen threatens that Chance will go back to jail and Heather will be fired if they don’t find the drugs. Meanwhile, Paul learns that Nina’s son’s name is Aidan Lansing. Chloe confronts Ronan about lying about who he is. She threatens if he doesn’t come clean then everything she knows will end up published in Restless Style. Ronan is forced to inform Chloe that he is Chance’s brother, but doesn’t mention that he is F.B.I.

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