Recap The Young and the Restless: Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lauren is blindsided when Jill’s surprise witness turns out to be Lauren’s mother, Joanna. On the stand, Joanna testifies that she knew about Neil’s illegitimate daughter. The judge decides to take some time to reconsider his decision. Later, Lauren confronts her mother for taking Jill’s side. When the judge rules in Jill’s favor, Lauren informs Kay and Michael that she won’t give Jill a dime of her money.

Kevin is moping around on his wedding anniversary. Chloe offers to cheer Kevin up. When Jana arrives she sees Kevin and Chloe goofing around. Jana thanks Kevin for the flowers she received for their anniversary, but Kevin informs her that it was a mistake. When Chloe’s model’s call in sick, she recruits Kevin to fill in, giving him an excuse to blow Jana off. As the photo shoot progresses and Kevin and Chloe are having fun with one another, Jana watches in the wings, miserable. Later, everyone is astonished when Deacon comes out from the back and informs them that Gloria hired him as the new bartender.

At Lily’s, Mac asks for a moment alone with the babies. Outside, the nursery, J.T. informs Lily that Mac could use a friend. As Mac talks to the babies and tries to hold it together, Lily re-enters and asks Mac if she would be willing to be the twin’s godmother. Mac declines because it’s too hard. Later, Mac decides it is time to move in with J.T. and Reed. Lily decides to ask Traci to be the twins godmother in Colleen’s honor and Traci happily accepts.

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