Dollhouse: "Epitaph Two" Review Season 2, Episode 13

Dollhouse is over, and I can't say I'm exactly in anguish over its loss.

After several strong episodes as Season 2 progressed, the show really dropped the ball in its penultimate episode, with a messy, unsatisfying story that failed to sell me on a huge plot twist (Boyd being behind Rossum), while also conveniently overlooking would be monumental events, such as what would happen when Caroline and Echo were integrated. It all served as a reminder of how inconsistent this show has been and some of the key issues it never was able to overcome.

"Epitaph Two" was certainly better than "The Hollow Men." It was easy to look at it as a completely different story a sequel of sorts, since "The Hollow Men" in many ways wrapped up the show's storylines, as far as the building threads this season. With that disappointment out of the way, "Epitaph Two" saw a return to the future of the unaired "Epitaph One," which was, in fact, a very cool, intriguing installment of the show. Felicia Day, Zack Ward and Adair Tishler all reprised their roles from "Epitaph One" here, and it was fun seeing them work alongside the regular cast.

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