Burn Notice: "Friendly Fire" Review Season 3, Episode 11

I have to say, as soon as Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) hit the barrio, dressed in devil-red and speaking in a squinty and gruff "Dirty Harry" manner, I almost checked out. I wasn't ready for another cartoonish and heightened undercover persona after last's week's cud-chewing, hillbilly wheelman. But damn it all if they didn't find a way to make Michael's Satan-in-a-suit gimmick work. And that thing where he would snap his fingers and make things blow up was just ten shades of awesome.

I'm not sure if they were trying to use this vengeful, Lucifarian character as a means to prey upon, perhaps, some of the local cultural superstitions that could be found in a Miami-barrio, but if they did then I think it was smart not to over-sell that angle. Michael's dark avenger character fit in better with the fact that he was chasing down a drug-running child molester - and when he finally came face to face with the grimy Rincon it was a very powerful moment. And you hope that Rincon was left feeling like he just got tracked down by the Devil himself.

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