An Insane Couple Dresses Up Like Superheroes on 'Wife Swap' (VIDEO)

"Insane" might be too mean a word to describe the Owen-Ladino family on 'Wife Swap.' So how about "insanely upbeat," instead?

Shanti (whose real former name is Patti) and her fianacée Arjuna (whose real name is Harold), like to dress up as superheroes and walk around like that in full daylight in New York City, and, that's cool, and -- well, no. ... We were right in the first place. They're just a little crazy.

The pair are of a couple of self-described "relationship" experts, who wear spandex and use their superhero identities to teach students about how to deal with the opposite sex. We might feel better about this if their costumes were cooler. But they dress kind of like Wonder Woman. Both of them dress like Wonder Woman -- the guy and the girl.

Arjuna also has an odd habit of shouting "AAAHHHH!" at certain moments. At any rate, they're clearly the "wacky" couple on 'Wife Swap' (Fri., 8PM ET on ABC). And wouldn't you figure -- they're paired up with an extremely straight-laced couple. The Owen-Ladinos now have to swap lives and deal with a new conservative lifestyle. So let's see exactly how much of a disaster this will be.

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