Make It or Break It Season 1, Episode 14 - " Are We Having Fun Yet? - Recap

Payson is upset that she's being forced to attend public school for the first time in years, and she's taking out her anger on her family and friends. When Emily tries to console her, saying since she's been the new kid at several schools that she knows how she feels, Payson snaps at her, saying that since Emily still has gymnastics that she can never know how she feels. While at school she attracts attention from everyone, not just for her back brace, but her gymnastics accomplishments. In gym class she is asked by the teacher to critique the tumbling of another student, Morgan. Morgan doesn't see how Payson, with her back brace, could possibly know anything about tumbling and sets her sights on her to make her life miserable. Another student, Heather, is an over-achiever and wants desperately for Payson to join one of the many clubs that she is involved in. In the end, it is an outcast named Ike that wins Payson's trust with his cynical world views ("Why have an interest in anything if nothing ever last?") and non-conformist ways.

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