Memphis Beat Episode Recap: "Don't Be So Cruel"

This week's episode envelopes us in an engagement, a political wedding, a MIA groom, monetary kickbacks and a possible murder! So sit tight as we go through the suspects and Dwight and his boys sniff out the truth.

We open on a swanky hotel where Tony has gathered Paula Ann (Dwight's mama) and Dwight. We know something's cooking when he orders an '85 Dom Pérignon and Paula Ann's favorite tomato soup. Paula Ann chokes on the soup and a quick Heimlich maneuver reveals an engagement ring. Though I saw this coming from a mile away, all was forgiven when Tony ridiculously said, "(I thought you'd) sip your soup like a little kitten," to which Paula Ann replied, "you had me at little kitten!" We need more Paula Ann, y'all!

After the commotion with his bride-to-be mama, Dwight sees another chaotic bride in the background. Naturally he goes over to investigate and learns that Hillary can't find her MIA groom, Greg, who is her Councilman father's aide. Dwight questions those close to Greg, including his basketball star best man, Colin, who last saw him in the lobby. After discovering the hidden camera footage is missing, they investigate Greg's room where they find his cell phone, an empty diamond earring box (for Hillary) and lots and lots of dried blood under the bathroom tiles.

The murder investigation begins and Dwight learns from the Councilman (Oh, Bernard from Lost! Where is your sweet wife, Rose?) that Greg and his father got in a row the previous evening. When Dwight questions Greg's father, it turns out they'd argued because Greg answered his phone during dinner, a no-no in their family, and was clearly distraught by whatever he heard on the other line.

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