Episode Recap: "12:00 P.M.-1:00 P.M."

Guess not everyone gets a free pass on the torture for as long as Jack Bauer did. Just a few minutes into Hour 5, Agent Walker is already being sued for the extreme interrogation techniques she used on hospitalized suspect Tanner. When Walker argues that she got the intel they needed, FBI bossman Larry Moss reminds her, "You know as well as I do that coercive intelligence is not reliable." Maybe Jack never learned that lesson - or he just proved it wrong so many times, it no longer applied.

Either way, Walker, also like Jack, won't be submitting to further government questioning anytime soon, as she quickly becomes the terrorists' latest hostage during her attempt to rescue Matobo. After being unable to break into the safe room housing Matobo and his wife, Jack and Tony decide to smoke them out - -that "smoke" being a toxic blend of chemicals that can become lethal in minutes.

But even after watching head terrorist David Emmerson (Peter Wingfield) nearly execute his bodyguard, Matobo seemingly convinces his wife that evading capture is more important than either of their lives. Because, as it turns out, Emmerson and company want the names of his anti-Dubaku conspirators in Sengala more than Matobo himself, and they plan to use Matobo's wife to get those names out of him.

Just as it looks like the pair really will succumb to the toxic gases, Matobo's wife (understandably) decides she wants to live and pulls open the door to the safe room. From there, it's into the back of a (very covert-looking) big yellow van, where they're soon joined by Walker, who is nabbed by one of Emmerson's men as she tries to get the van's license plate.

As Dubaku's deadline for President Taylor to withdraw U.S. forces from Sengala's borders draws near, the threat of the CIP device continues to loom large. And it looms larger still when an (I believe) as-yet-unnamed, creepy Wall Street-looking guy advises Dubaku, "Launch another attack - let's see how stubborn she is after American civilians start dying." All that was missing from his heavy-handed delivery was a dastardly laugh.

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