Episode Recap: "1:00 P.M.-2:00 P.M."

As we all expected, Renee Walker isn't dead - or rather, she was dead, but only for a minute or two. It was long enough to make things interesting, but not so long that Chloe and Bill can't pinpoint her location and dig the FBI agent out of her makeshift grave. So Renee does indeed die - hence the silent clock that had us all debating last week - until, Pulp Fiction-style, Bill brings her back with a needle of adrenaline straight to the heart.

Meanwhile, Emmerson has caught on to Jack and Tony's game - or at least that there is some kind of game afoot - but he wrongly assumes it's one played for diamonds, not innocent lives. Being a terrorist, he takes Jack hostage and demands answers from Tony at gunpoint. Almeida's answer is two well-aimed gunshots, and with that, another 24 villain goes down.

But this season's real madman, General Dubaku, is still on the loose, and he soon makes his presence felt again in Washington. In a chilling phone call, he instructs President Taylor to, "Go to the window. Look to the southwest, Madame President. See what you have done."

What he has done is cause a collision between two passenger planes (no mere test run this time) and taken at least 250 lives. Dubaku promises 10,000 more will die if U.S. forces don't withdraw from Sengala's borders, leaving Taylor little choice, it would seem. But despite fervent objections from her cabinet, the new President is not backing down. "We're in for some tough times ahead," she warns her advisors. "Let's make sure we're ready."

On returning to still-frozen first gentleman Henry Taylor, we veer back into horror/thriller territory. Secret Service Agent Brian Gedge (Warren Kole) is still continuing his preparations (he's nothing if not thorough) for murder with his creepy, plastic-sleeved hands.

But first there's the issue of Samantha Roth, who returns home to find Taylor sitting paralyzed on her couch, trying desperately to warn of the imminent danger. It's all to no avail, though, and Gedge moves swiftly in for the kill, stabbing Roth until she's sent off to join the many, many others in 24 heaven.

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