'Burn Notice' recap: Guilty as Charged Season 4, Episode 12

On "Burn Notice," even while planning to grab evil CEO John Barrett and while Jesse is somewhere planning to kill him, Michael still has time to take on a job of the week. A high-powered defense attorney is about to lose a case, but the client's brother is so determined to prevent that that he takes the lawyer's five-year-old daughter hostage.

The lawyer knows he can't get the bad guy off, so Michael has to come up with other plans. His idea of sneaking in with a submersible goes south when the lawyer blabs to the wrong person, so he comes up with plan B: trick the kidnapper into thinking his brother's been sprung. He, Sam and Fi stage a fake prison break for the kidnapper's benefit, and get the girl back before the bad guy finds out he's been tricked. Of course that's not going to be the end of the matter, but the hour's almost up, so it will be for Michael.

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