Recap:"If You See Her, Say Hello"

Two big developments tonight, one sad and one happy: The tough-but-tender Meredith stupidly dumped Hank, and Charlie's even tougher wife Marcy made another splash of an appearance. I'm a big fan of both these ladies, so I hope (and strongly suspect) that Meredith will reenter our lives someday soon, and I'm glad Marcy is with us to stay.

What I don't hope to see again is another opening dream sequence involving churches, references to oral sex, and nuns - especially if said reference includes such a tame and lame fondling between the sexless Bill and the stiff Karen. I'm growing increasingly baffled by Hank's ardent adoration of Karen; she's a cool ex-rocker chick, yes, but is she really worthy of all this pining? She seems dull and sparkless to me, and her weird hairstyle is as stiff as her delivery. Karen definitely needs to use less hairspray.

Marcy, however, is terrific. I'm not surprised to learn that the source of Charlie and Marcy's marital troubles is Charlie rather than Marcy. I wonder what's going on with him, because it sounds like the troubles at home predate his recent assistant shenanigans. And Marcy's symbolic pinkie/martini gesture in the restaurant? Brilliance itself.

As for Meredith breaking up with Hank, it was pretty out of character that she would choose to do it in public in front of friends, and on false, trumped-up charges to boot. Still, the next day when the real breakup came, Hank handled it with serene, gentlemanly aplomb, after which the two new exes messed around on the kitchen floor. More goodbyes should be delivered in that manner, don't you find?

It looks like Mia is still hell-bent on getting into as much trouble as possible, either by hooking up with her gross-to-the-nth-degree writing teacher or by betraying Becca by dating Becca's cutie-pie guitar teacher. Poor Becca seems to be the odd man out in a bizarre burgeoning love quadrangle between herself, Mia, Dave the adorable guitar man and perhaps her own mother. Would Karen really go that route, or is she just casually tempted? I would say no, but heck, if it did happen, it would make our man Hank look like father of the year by comparison. Which, ya know, would be kinda fitting.

Incidentally, how pleased was I to realize that tonight was the first episode of the season in which Hank didn't get into a fistfight? Oh, very. The show is getting realer and realer, better and better.

I offer as proof of that claim:

" Marcy's "I know. Pretend I'm paralyzed."

" When Hank called Bill "my nig nog"

" Sleazy teacher's "My fleshy T.A. can't hear you."

" Hank's "You gotta be gentle with the brown eye. Mr Brown Eye's a sensitive man."

" Hank's "I still get my mail there" after Karen confessed to finding herself in a past life for a minute

" Hank's "I love women. I have all their albums."

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