'Project Runway' recap: The Claws Come Out Season 8, Episode 5

On "Project Runway," the designers get stuck on a group challenge where they have to design a collection. That's six looks for a thousand smackers, and it should combine elements from the next season. Michael C., Ivy, AJ, Gretchen, Andy and Christopher make up one team... which quickly becomes Team Gretchen. Like anyone couldn't have seen that coming. They opt for Menswear as Women's clothing for the theme with the color of camel, and instead of having each person do one of the six looks, they assign out various elements to each designer. They completely ignore Michael C., who looks increasingly grateful for having immunity.

Over on the underdog team, where not a soul among them has won a challenge, are April, Mondo, Casanova, Peach, Michael D. and Valerie. They've opted for a military-inspired collection with lace as their fabric of choice. Oh, too bad April didn't have the lace last week for her layered panties. They decide that they want each person to do their own look that has some similar elements.

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