'MasterChef' recap: Eat where the truckers eat

n this episode, the would-be chefs have been transported a hundred miles away from the "MasterChef" kitchen to a particularly barren hellscape in the California desert. Or perhaps this is what a preview of what all of California will look like if our present budget woes continue. "Who knows what's going to happen?" David wonders aloud. Well, considering they dropped you cats down next to a burnt-out husk of a diner, I would think that cooking is in your immediate future. But before the contestants are required to think to hard about that concept, a semi-truck pulls up and Gordon, Joe, and Graham pop out of the cab. The contestants shriek and applaud. I dearly hope that the producers have ordered them to applaud enthusiastically anytime Gordon emerges from a motorized vehicle, because otherwise, they are giving the impression that America's first MasterChef is easily enthralled by motor vehicles.

Gordon has brought them out to this arid wasteland to cook for "the people who are the backbone of this country." What, call center workers in Bangalore? No, stupid -- truckers. One hundred truckers, as a matter of fact, who will be served what Graham calls the ultimate truck stop dish -- hamburgers. Better luck next challenge, vegetarian truck drivers of America.

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