Recap: "Girls, Interrupted"

This evening Charlie and Marcy furthered their sexual-experimenting experiment by 1) mocking each other's dairy habits (maybe Charlie's sex drive would increase if he stopped drinking soy milk?), 2) breaking a coupla dozen sexual-harassment laws, and 3) attempting a threesome that involved nipple clamps and a trip to the emergency room. But hey, don't they all?

Well, as the precocious Becca noted earlier tonight, all good things must eventually come to an end. Although her screen scenes in this episode were relatively short, they represented some important growing-up moments for her. She's starting to see her father's flaws, and although she's sensitive enough to know how much he loves her, she's also smart enough to realize that she can't always rely on him. Hank's devastated look when she said, "Eventually you just kinda have to say f--k you" absolutely broke my heart. The last thing Hank ever wanted to do was let his kid down, and now he has to accept that he has. Of course, he's kind of been letting her down all along just by nonverbally keeping her hopes up that her parents will some day reunite.

He was awful nice to her mother in this episode, though, scoring her a premium architecture gig without even so much as a portfolio viewing. Credible? Not so much, except to show the lengths to which Hank will go to bring joy to his beloved Karen. "Prim reaper" and Presbyterian she may be, but Hank loves her truly. And heck, I didn't even know Karen was an architect.

But the best scene by far was the attempted threesome between Dani, her boss and her boss' wife. Marcy was so nervous she filled her house with more candles than a Spanish cathedral, picked a fight with Charlie about nut allergies, courteously asked Dani where she got her bra, and bickered with Charlie about talking too much. ("Everybody's a critic"; "Well put me in, coach, I'll bring it home!") Meanwhile, the shot from above of Charlie in his dorky boxers, hot chick on either side, was hilarious, but the killer moment came when Marcy screamed, "I've gotta get my camera!" and dashed off with one end of the nipple clamp attached to her underwear, the other to Charlie's person. I was cry-laughing. Their fantasy threesome became a Marx brothers threesome. Love it.

Some notable lines:

" "I would stand but that would expose my nether-regions to attack."

" "The Fredo Corleone of agents."

" "I don't want to go where Hank's been; he probably booby-traps up there like the Vietcong."

" "Cream cheese, the people's cheese."

" "You know I'm bad with mechanical things. I'm sorry, nipple."

" "Somebody's gotta stand up for the creepy common man."

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