'MasterChef' recap: Go fish Episode 5

The 11 main contestants saunter into the "MasterChef" kitchen. David says he's still "kind of blown away that I'm actually here." That makes two of us, my man. But he's "loving every second of it." Well... the cheese stands alone, I guess. Anyhow, Gordon informs us it's a new day -- and with a new day comes a new Mystery Box Challenge. Remember the time-honored rules of the Mystery Box Challenge as they were handed down a week ago: contestants have to prepare one dish using the ingredients inside the box.

But what could be inside the box? Jake hopes it's seafood. (Mr. Sobell hopes the mystery box is properly refrigerated if it is.). Tracy hopes it's eggs, flour and sugar -- somebody wants to do some baking. (Someone should have auditioned for "Top Chef: Just Desserts," then.) Enough of this banter -- lift up your boxes. Oh, my God, it's manatee! No, wait, I'm mistaken. It's eggs, flour, milk, sugar, and butter. Tracy spins around happy. You would too if you were clairvoyant.

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