'Top Chef' recap: Buy me some peanuts and...tuna tartare?

Quickfire Challenge: Rick Moonen judges as the "Top Chef" cheftestants have to create a dish based on a food idiom. Rick doesn't love Kelly's combination of Brussels sprouts and grapes, and he thinks Amanda's macaroni and cheese is too heavy. His top choices are Kevin's bacon three ways and Ed's potato gnocchi. The ultimate winner is Ed, possibly because his dish could actually be frozen and Kevin's kind of couldn't.

Elimination Challenge: Create fine dining versions of baseball park food. They have to work as a team, but create six dishes, so why are they a team again? Oh, to cause drama. They realize the night before the ball game that they're going to be serving at a concession stand, so they will need to take orders. Angelo offers to fill that role, but then when they get to the site, he realizes that if he's taking orders, he can't create his own dish, and he doesn't trust anyone to do it for him. He tries to back out, and Kevin yells at him. No one will take over his role, so he's forced back into it while Ed preps his food for him. When the guests arrive, they all want Tiffany and Kelly's food, so does that mean their dishes are the best?

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