The Simpsons Latest Episode: Episode 1: "Homer the Whopper" - Recap

In The Simpsons' 21st season premiere, it's discovered that Comic Book Guy (CBG) has been writing his own comic book entitled "Everyman" for the past several years. Once the "Ginormous" movie studio catches wind of the comic, they are convinced it will be the next big thing and secure the movie rights. Against the studio execs' wishes, Comic Book Guy casts Homer (Springfield's own everyman) as the lead in the feature film. Will Homer continue his streak of being the butt of everyone's jokes or will he be the best action hero the movie community has ever seen?

The episode begins with Bart and Milhouse, who discover that CBG has been writing his very own comic book, "Everyman". In the comic, the main hero defeats his enemies by absorbing other comic book super heroes' powers directly from the printed comic books. Bart and Milhouse love it, and they convince CBG to publish. The comic book immediately becomes popular, prompting the Ginormous movie studio to strike a movie deal with CBG.

Comic Book Guy is allowed to do the casting for the lead role in the movie, and he picks Homer based on his "everyman" appearance. After meeting with the studio heads, Homer is told that he needs to slim down and beef up so he can be the "everyman that everyone wants to be, and not the everyman that everyone is." The studio hires a personal trainer (voiced by Seth Rogen) to help Homer out. Meanwhile, CBG has turned Hollywod, throwing lavish parties and even adopting a Cambodian child. Homer''s trainer wants to have Homer do an exercise montage to "Eye of the Tiger" (lame and over done). Homer instead picks David Bowie's "Heroes," during which Homer gets exhausted during the first few seconds anyway.

One month later, Homer is totally ripped and ready to film his new movie. Homer is top dog on the set and at home. Now that Homer is in shape, the trainer moves on, and Homer immediately goes back to his former bad eating habits and gains all of his weight back, making it difficult to finish filming. The studio heads aren't worried, figuring that "editing will solve everything."

The test screening of the film goes horribly wrong - bad editing equals bad feedback. The studio heads tell Comic Book Guy that if he can persuade his geeky internet friends and fans to watch the movie, he would be allowed to direct the sequel, "Everyman: The Rise of the Revenge". Comic Book Guy is torn between being true to his "art" or selling out and being able to continue his lavish Hollywood lifestyle. Cut to CBG updating his website, (a nod to, with a blog informing the world that "Everyman" is the worst movie ever.

Some parts that made me laugh out loud:

* Comic Book Guy laying down to rest in disbelief on an unsold pile of Hulk Hands after Bart questions CBG about Spider-Man being a comic book before a movie.

* Matt Groening loading comic books on truck while repeating "I am so rich"

* Homer asking his family at the dinner table what big thing happened to them that day, cutting each family member's spectacular story off before they finish so Homer can hurry up and announce his big Hollywood break

* Movie posters at Ginormous Pictures and the movie theater: "Stars Wars VII: The Apology," "Alvin & the Chipmunks: Getting' Rabies," and "Eddie Murphy in: Fatsuit"

* Homer goes to the Kwik-E-Mart to find something to make him lose weight fast and Apu gives him buttermilk from the 60's, which makes Homer vomit all over windows (which we see mercifully via an exterior shot of the Kwik-E-Mart)

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