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The Sweet 16 of So You Think You Can Dance is about to be trimmed down to the Fabulous 14. Your normal So You Think You Can Dance expert Abbey Simmons is off getting her ears checked because she can't hear out of one of them (thanks a lot, Mary Murphy). But - and there is a but - I'll do my best to fill in.

I'll be here live throughout the episode, and remember to submit your questions for the eliminated dancers who we'll be interviewing tomorrow morning.

Pink balls flying out of a silhouetted man's crotch can mean only one thing: the intro for SYTYCD!

Tonight's group dance is some sexy Mexican theme, and I think this might be the opening number to the upcoming From Dusk 'Til Dawn musical. I'm putting down a copywright ASAP, because that idea is solid gold.

Nigel takes a moment to eulogize the three tragic deaths of the week, starting with Ed McMahon, who helped bring a lot of talented dancers and musicians via Star Search. He also tells a sweet story about meeting Farrah Fawcett about learning to make a pecan pie.

Finally, it's Michael Jackson, and Nigel can barely even describe how much Jackson revolutionized the world of music and dance. Indeed, whenever you say the word "moonwalk," you don't think of Neil Armstrong, you think of Michael Jackson.

Nigel wants the mourning to be short because Jackson deserves to have his life celebrated. The celebration starts by showing the "Thriller" video. I suspect a lot of people will be making tasteless jokes, but no matter what Jackson did over the past 16 years or so, let's remember him as the King of Pop, and not anything else.

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