Chameron Twist on 'House' Revealed - Featured

There's been a lot of noise on how the Fox medical dramedy House will resolve the Chameron tandem, primarily revolving around the spoiler courtesy of Entertainment Weekly that Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer) and Allison Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) are bound to break up on the show's April 13 episode. Now that that much was confirmed, there is only the matter of the much talked about twist that's going to happen after the breakup.

In a much, much earlier interview, Spencer shut the door at the possibility of a Chameron marriage later in the season, as the House producers aren't very keen on focusing on too much relationship stuff. It's still a procedural show at its core, he stressed. ''Because of David [Shore]'s general disdain for life, you can rest assured that what we won't be doing next season is getting happy. You won't see Chase and Cameron make a home and have babies and other greeting card stuff," he assured.

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Apr 14, 2009 7:11PM EDT

I'm not usually up for all the drama, but this was a pretty well done show for the most part. Even more than C&C, though, I loved the bits with Wilson and House, especially their last scene together. That was great. In fact, I was so enthusiastic over that, that I said to my husband I thought it was one of the better House episodes, until that bloody awful ending. WTH? Talk about picking up on a FAIL and running with it. It ruined the episode, IMO. It was a cheap sweeps move, one that should have been discarded a long time ago with GA, and never picked up by House.

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