Top Moments: A Week of Tragedy - Featured

If weeks get sadder than this one, we don't want to see them. We said goodbye to three entertainment legends, one of them the most influential performer in the world. We've never been so grateful for the light moments. Welcome to Top Moments, goodbyes edition.

9. Try a Little Tenderness Award: So You Think You Can Dance's rehearsal segment takes a delicate turn when one of the contestants breaks into tears. As Asuka sobs in frustration, her soft-spoken partner, Vitolio, pulls her into his arms. Then he pulls her closer and kisses her cheek to the oohs and ahhs of the studio audience. The two then appear onstage with dry eyes and rocker costumes for a routine that's anything but gentle.

8. Most Horrific Writing: Harper's Island has us seeing cross-eyed after so many twists and fake-outs (the killer is alive, the killer is Abby's father, the sheriff is the killer, the sheriff is not Abby's father). But this week's most gruesome moment - the sheriff's hanging and the subsequent reappearance of John Wakefield - doesn't improve the reputation of horror scripts.

7. Best Use of a Blackout: When darkness falls over Kings' Shiloh, Princess Michelle and Prince Jack use the cover to act on sexual feelings they've long repressed. Michelle's flirtation with David finally becomes tangible, and Jack thinks he may be gay.

6. Best Cop Rock: It takes a lot to rattle The Closer, but Mary McDonnell's Capt. Sharon Raydor makes the walls (and maybe Brenda Johnson herself) quake as they face off over crime-scene jurisdiction. Raydor even makes "Chief" sound like a four-letter word. See what we mean with our Online Video Guide.

5. Weirdest Confession: You know you've had a wild week when a sitting governor's admission that he's been missing in action for several days because he's in Argentina breaking up with his mistress isn't the most unfathomable thing that happened. Give South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford points for one thing - at least he's honest.

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Default avatar cat
Jun 27, 2009 7:45AM EDT

Jack think he may be gay - what!Surely if you're going to write about a show you should have at least seen the pilot.

Default avatar cat
Jun 27, 2009 7:46AM EDT


Default avatar cat
Jun 27, 2009 5:56PM EDT

[*]Michael Jackson[*]

Jun 28, 2009 12:12PM EDT

1. I have always been a fan of The Tonight Show up until the red head guy took over. Not a fan anymore, but because I am old school, Ed McMahon was great as the sidekick. There was always rumors that he hated being no. 2, but from the show you could not tell. I also appreciated him opening doors with his talent shows. I saw Sinbad on there, Britney Spears, Alliyah, Beyonce and many more. He will be misseed as well.2. Farrah Faucett was one of my favorite police women on Charlies Angels. I appreciated the "being cute" and "being tough". Many times during my own career in law enforcement, many women have such a hard edge that most of the guys in the department thought they were gay. I believe strongly that you can be tough and good looking at the same time and still be a police officer. I do it everyday. Yes, many have ridiculed me for the extravgance, but make no mistake....once I opened my mouth, folks knew I was the law. This is what made me watch ladies on t.v. like Farrah and Angie Dickenson in PoliceWoman and Farrah again was great as the victim of rape and the capture of the offender. That was the best movie yet. I will miss her deeply as well. I think MJ overshadowed her, but she was a great talent none the less.3. Michael Jackson. I am a big fan. Always have been. I have cried since this happened because there was a lot more to the man than the trouble he saw in the last decade. I have spent the last 4 days celebrating the mans accomplishments and contributions to the music world. Some have spent the last few days trying to tear down something that can not be destroyed with words, hate and criticism and that is his legacy. Many haters have tried to say that his trouble with the law was not fair and that he should have received more than a slap on the wrist. I do not agree. In law enforcement, people are innocent until proven guilty. People give lawyers too much credit. They can only work with what they have before them. As a mother believe me when I tell you, if you thought someone had done something to hurt your kids, there would not be enough money or places in the world for someone to hide. Most americans realized early on that if there was some guilt to find, they would have found it but the only things that came out of any of those trials that MJ had was several people who after approaching him for money decided to accuse him knowing how the world would react. I felt bad for MJ trusting folks so much, but in this world you can not trust anybody and his being naive and childlike cost him in the end.

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