Recap: "Chip/Tuck"

Tyler Moore is in bed with a woman when he gets angry because a wood chipper truck starts up outside his neighbor's house, disrupting the peace at 8am. This is apparently a common occurrence so Moore takes out his video camera and runs outside to document the disturbance. While he's recording the noise for his own "legal protection," he is splattered with massive amounts of blood coming from the back of the wood chipper truck. Someone has apparently been pushed in. Moore tells the CSIs that the victim must be the gardener, but then the gardener appears around the truck and the unlucky victim's identity is still unknown. The CSIs approach the owner of the home, Steve Corbett, but he is highly uncooperative.

In the makeshift lab where they take the truck, Kyle finds a femur bone. The bone marrow is pale which indicates the victim had leukemia. Natalia and Eric find a mite crawling around in the bone, but they don't know what that's about yet. They also find familial DNA in the bone, which means a bone marrow transplant was given to the victim by someone in the same family. They track down the DNA and speak to the daughter of the victim, Ethan Reeger. She was indeed the one that gave him the transplant. He had been in remission when her mom died in a car accident.

After her mom died, her dad threw himself into his plastic surgery practice. His partner was Sean Lofton. Dr. Lofton revealed Reeger spent too much time with clients and that he took house calls. Elizabeth Corbett, wife of Steve, was a patient. The CSIs go back to the Corbett's where Elizabeth has apparently shut herself into a room because she has had a lot of plastic surgery gone wrong. She said he turned her into monster, which Eric tells her is motive to have killed him.

Horatio is searching the patient files on Dr. Reeger's computer when he comes across one for Ron Saris. Last we saw Ron, he was on a boat that blew up back in September. He's alive! Stetler brings him in to the station but asks Horatio to go easy on him, and says he can't tell him the reasoning behind it just yet.

Eric is at the murder scene and tracks down Reeger's Mercedes parked down the street. The tires have been slashed. Upon examination, Ryan thinks it was done by a plasma blade. They go to Lofton to look at his blade, but when they look in his bag, it's not in there. Lofton freaks out and says Reeger had a patient in the office that morning. Horatio pulls out a picture of Saris and asks if he was the patient. He was, and Lofton was afraid of him.

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