Recap: "Then...and Again"

Medium does it again. This is one show that shakes up the status quo every week and tosses in some definitive twists to keep its viewers happy. Not only do we get a chance to see the Dubois family celebrating their youngest daughter's birthday, but we get to see a glimpse of them in the weeks leading up to Marie's birth, five years earlier. I loved the whole time travel aspect and hope they keep us guessing for the weeks to come.

It was interesting to me that Allison walked into Manuel's house that Saturday calling, "Mr. Devalos!" She's been working with him for five years so why so formal? What was worse was how horrible it must have been for Allison to wake up out of her dream as she was being shot to death. Taking the lead from some recent popular shows like Journeyman and Life on Mars, Allison woke up five years earlier and in a car accident when she was pregnant with Marie.

She freaked Joe out by telling him that she felt she was living in a big deja vu. He was not finding the humor in it. Her long hair and hippie-like attire made her seem younger, but she was present-day Allison. She was driven to meet the DA, a man she didn't know at that point, and tell him what she had dreamed about the man who killed the both of them in the present day.

Speaking of Joe, he was excellent in this episode, from the dreamt fight in the car with Ariel, to his beleaguered look when explaining to Al what happened on that ride home. He was magnificent in the scene with Allison after she had been in the accident. He was so upset about the possibility of losing her, and the baby, that he seemed like a wounded animal.

I was talking to a friend of mine, and a devotee of Medium, the day before this episode. She thought that Ariel had been kidnapped but I said, "No way. That Ariel is a sneaky, little teen and she went to the ski camp." My friend was unimpressed by my psychic ability. It wasn't really ESP, but I was a teen once too, and knew that if it had been me in Ariel's place, I would have done the same thing. Frankly, I was glad she hadn't been kidnapped, because that poor family has had quite enough grief lately.

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