Doctor Who: Dreamland coming to DVD this May

David Tennant's last appearance of the The Doctor to arrive on a Doctor Who DVD will arrive this spring with the animated Dreamland.

According to a BBC America news release, the CG-animated adventure will arrive in U.S. stores on May 4 for $24.98. Voiced by Tennant, The Doctor visits Dry Springs, Nev. in 1958 in an environment deliberately reminiscent of Roswell and the would-be New Mexico UFO crash.

In the one-off episode, The Doctor befriends a young waitress, Cassie, and her friend, Jimmy. When the Doctor examines an extraterrestrial artifact, he draws the attention of a mysterious man in black, an alien warrior and Colonel Stark, commander of "Dreamland" (the military base also known as Area 51).

From there, it's business as usual for The Doctor as he has to save the world from alien invaders and an overzealous military.

The two-disc set's bonus features will include a 3-part live action series retrospective (Doctor Who: "Greatest Moments"). The documentary on the series' history since its 2005 rebirth includes hour long looks at The Doctor, The Companions and The Enemies.

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