FlashForward Spoilers - Bryce and Keiko

One of FlashForward's biggest mysteries is whether or not the titular flashforwards will come true. That's been one of the big debates of the series, and its starting to seem that the flashforwards are only a possible future, and won't necessarily come true.

Well, here are two flashforwards that will most definitely be coming true: Bryce and Keiko will be meeting up in the season (and quite possibly series) finale of flashforward, entitled "Future Shock." And if there was any debate on whether or not their relationship would stay platonic after Bryce began developing a relationship with Nicole, let that debate be silenced; Keiko and Bryce will share a kiss in the restaurant in which they meet.

Now, it may just be me, but this seems awfully shallow of Bryce, who had apparently made a grand gesture of "screw the future" in the most recent episode, "Course Correction." And even if he and Nicole go through a breakup, wouldn't Bryce at least remember that Nicole's flashforward showed her drowning at the exact same time as he was meeting Keiko? Wouldn't he appear to be even the least bit concerned for his friend?

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