Episode Recap: "Retreat to Move Forward"

This week on 30 Rock, Liz got some things off her chest at a corporate retreat, Jenna's research into Janis Joplin made for unlikely bedfellows, and Tracy dealt with a dee-ay-BUH-tees crisis. Here now, the recap!

Another very funny, super-huge-guest-star-free episode - no offense to All My Children's Mark Dalton. (Nice to see he's conquered the Colombian marching powder, though.)

Jack is nervous about attending the Six Sigmas' corporate retreat this year, given the whole CEO debacle and, you know, his time with the Bush administration. (Nice to see them finally pick up that loose thread with the gay soldier virus.) Liz agrees to be his "camp buddy," but quickly is shoved aside when the Sigmas (including the one representing Handshakefulness) embrace Jack with open arms.

Jack eventually caves and invites Liz to L.U.N.C.H., which involves not food but LEGOs. During that team-/train-building exercise, Liz makes the mistake of being too familiar with her boss (arm jabs and all), forcing Jack to admonish and thus send his subordinate "to the lake with the fat kids, making bracelets" (so to speak). Even there, Liz is left out, as her fellow outcasts hook up.

Ultimately, Liz saves Jack's bacon by whipping out her improv skills to cover for him when his "psych-up" speech is accidentally broadcast over the PA system. Alas, Liz's most effective improv skill (aside from channeling Billy Bob Thornton) involves ripping open her blouse. But Jack truly appreciates the diversion. (No, not in THAT way! Well, maybe a bit. It WAS a pretty bra.)

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