Heroes Season 4, Episode 11 Recap: "Thanksgiving"

In this episode of Heroes, families gathered 'round the table to give thanks, but, because it's a TV show about people with abilities, all the meals ended somewhat disastrously. HRG made his first attempt at hosting Turkey Day extra difficult by inviting his ex-wife, her new flame, and HRG's old partner Lauren. The carny band's twisted feast quickly got off track when Hiro and Lydia took a trip back in time, and Mama Petrelli spilled her dirty little secrets about Nathan's death before the first course was served. So was the show as sweet as pumpkin pie? Let's find out.

"She's not a date... she's Lauren."

HRG decides to have the Bennett clan over to his apartment this Thanksgiving - even Sandra's new man, Doug. But HRG has a trick up his sleeve: he stalks ("I'm a big yam man") and invites Lauren, his former partner and would-be mistress from Primatech who we met a few weeks ago. Since she's planning a turkey potpie holiday for one, she agrees to come over. And Claire, then Sandra, are a little shaken up that HRG has invited a date. "We're a complex, modern family," HRG explains.

Somewhere between the canned yams and Doug droning on about meeting Sandra while having their dogs - Mr. Muggles and Mrs. Lovegood - groomed Claire tells her dad that she wants to quit school. She's lonely now that Gretchen has moved out and she just doesn't think college life is for her. Doug insists that Claire's feelings are normal, and because Heroes is contractually obligated to show Claire regenerate once an episode, she slices open her arm with a carving knife. "Does this look normal to you?" Claire asks as Doug faints.

Of all the Thanksgiving meals, this one ends happiest, with Sandra and Lauren actually making peace, and HRG convincing Claire to stay in school by inviting over Gretchen. They talk and are totally besties again, but they aren't going back to campus. Claire stole Samuel's compass from HRG and they are off to the carnival!

"Naked lady, you're trying to seduce me."

Hiro is angry at Samuel for using him without giving back Charlie. When Lydia and Edgar catch wind that Hiro has "fixed the past" but Joseph was not brought back from the dead, they realize something is up. Lydia takes off her clothes and embarrasses Hiro, but then he realizes he needs closeness for her to feel what he's going through. Next thing you know, they have traveled back to when Mohinder visited Joseph. Turns out Samuel, after learning how Joseph has kept Samuel's true power at bay, flipped out on his brother and murdered him. Samuel hears Hiro and Lydia in the weeds, but they disappear back to present day.

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