Recap: "The Duel"

Burr v. Hamilton can't hold a candle to Dwight v. Andy, as the two foes face off in "The Duel" for the everlasting love of Angela. Michael sets the stage by breaking the news to Andy as he drives off to the city, where he's summoned by CFO David Wallace to talk about "big picture stuff".

But before we get on to the recap, check out Matt Mitovich's great interviews at the Golden Globes with BJ Novak, Rainn Wilson and Leslie David Baker - as they tease the Office Super Bowl episode, as well as future story arcs.

* "The Elephant in the Room"

This was a great episode - possibly the best of the season. I loved the first few minutes, as we're put on edge about when and how Andy is going to learn the truth. I also loved Dwight's reaction every time he thought Andy had uncovered the affair - crouching at the ready when Andy comes in and announces he wants to speak about the "elephant in the room", and grabbing a spoon so he can always keep an eye on Andy (in keeping with the 40 rules all Schrute boys must learn before the age of 5).

The cafeteria scene was awesome, especially when it dawns on Oscar that he really does know where Angela and Dwight had sex in the office. I also loved Michael's question: "Are you still having intercourse with her?" Of course, we leave it to Michael to break the news to Andy in his own inimitable way, as he reveals the truth to Andy while literally driving away to NYC, leaving the rest of the Scranton team to deal with the fallout.

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