Recap: "Prince Family Paper"

In "Prince Family Paper," the Scranton Gang tackled three age-old dilemmas: the Darwinistic nature of capitalism, societal definitions of beauty and which restaurant is better, IHOP or Denny's. Michael and Dwight embark on a surveillance mission to capture intelligence on a small family-owned paper supply business, while the rest of the crew gets into a passionate debate about the hotness (or notness) of Hilary Swank.

The episode begins with yet another prank pulled on Dwight by Jim. Two thoughts come to mind: 1) Like the rest of the episode, this prank was mildly amusing, but not great. 2) One of these days I'd like to actually see the legwork Jim puts into these not-so-practical jokes. The funniest part of the cold open was when an out-of-focus Dwight appears climbing the telephone pole as Jim is being interviewed; Jim's nonchalance about the danger of Dwight climbing thirty or forty feet to chase that red wire without so much as a helmet or a harness was perfect: "Oh he'll be fine, I made it up there."

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