Melissa Joan Hart Dishes on MELISSA AND JOEY

Melissa Joan Hart has been on television most of her life, and she’s now on ABC Family in the sitcom MELISSA AND JOEY. I recently took part in a conference call where she talked about the new show and gave some insights on her career and her best-known roles.

On Clarissa Explains it All

Melissa described her work on Clarissa Explains It All as a lot of fun, even though she had a “humongous workload” between the show and school and she felt tremendous pressure as the lead and with the monologues she had to memorize. She loved the role itself because Clarissa was a smart and sassy tomboy. Melissa called her “the quintessential teen but with a well-calculated, well-educated rebellion,” which she said was very similar to how she had been.

Learning about directing and how to run a light board were high points for Melissa, but she said it was difficult for her to shoot in Orlando as a teen with no family around and no friends her own age. She laughingly told us that whenever a girl her own age was a guest star, she would immediately suggest a slumber party even though at that point being around kids her own age was a little scary for her.

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