Recap Csi: Season 10, Episode 14 - Unshockable

A band member of Rascal Flatts is electrocuted by a guitar and forgets he's a country singer. A guitar tech plans the electrocution so that he can have his shot on stage. The A story is dealing with a CIA agent threat floats up on shore of Lake Mead. What looks like a murder and poisoning, turns out to be a suicide. The CIA agent had written secret memo turning over secrets from the cold war and the toppling of East Germany. When his very liberal son got a copy of the memo, he threatened to disseminate it to the world. He hated his father for being absentee and a member of a covert government agency. At the end of the episode, the Rascal Flatts band member recalls who he is and rejoins the band for an onscreen performance.

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