COMMUNITY ''Basic Rocket Science'' Review Season 2, Episode 4

Dean Pelton assigns the study group to clean Greendale's flight simulator and Pierce accidentally locks them in, leaving Abed to rescue his friends when they are towed away in the Basic Rocket Science episode of COMMUNITY.

When Community does a parody, it goes all out. Right down to the score (how many variations of the Apollo 13 theme did they use?) and Abed's victory cigar, Basic Rocket Science has it all, including Right Stuff slo-mo walking (You guys are walking in slo-mo?) and Steve Buscemi in Armageddon-type space madness. Not to mention the Abed-led mission control (Poor Chang trying so hard again for nothing) and the team's descent to earth and huge hugs at the end. I especially love the obligatory realization that teamwork is the answer. Our school may be a toilet, but it's our toilet and no one craps in it but us.

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