Episode Recap: "Got the Babysitter Pregnant"

In this week's episode, Earl (Jason Lee) tries to make up for getting his babysitter pregnant when he was young. But it's not what you think - it's much funnier.

After seeing a pregnant woman at the Crab Shack, Earl remembers his teenage caretaker, Rachel, whom he had a crush on. He had tried to win her over by all manners of persuasion, including walking around shirtless and staring at her while she danced, but to no avail. Angry that she had brought her boyfriend Daniel over for a tryst, the young Earl stealthily pops holes in his condom with a safety pin before they do the deed. Sure enough, she becomes pregnant. But, as he later tells her, "Look on the bright side - we already know you're a good babysitter."

When he tracks down the adult Rachel (Faith Ford) to make amends, he finds she has married Daniel and is seemingly living happily. Then he meets the offspring he clandestinely helped conceive all those years ago. Ronnie (Adam Rose), their selfishly bratty, overgrown man-child, lives and mooches off of his parents while they make believe it's just a phase. Even though the hapless parents insist that he owes them nothing, Earl decides to cross them off his list by turning their son into a man with the help of a little tough love.

Putting Ronnie up in a motel room and ordering him to find a job within three days seems like a perfect plan to Earl, who marvels at how easy it is to raise a child. But Randy (Ethan Suplee), playing the mother role, is a "nervous wreck." Regardless of their attitudes, Ronnie has other plans and slacks off the entire time. After Earl takes the TV, and the rest of the furniture he spends his time playing with, away from Ronnie, he kicks him out of the motel only to find him being served eggs in the morning by his "homeless mom." When he chastises him for being an adult without a job who doesn't look after himself, he only ends up offending Randy, who leaves with Ronnie to prove Earl wrong.

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