'Big Brother 12' - Nominations #2 Recap Season 12, Episode 5

It's only the fifth episode and things aren't looking too good in the 'Big Brother' house. They put in a surface-pretty, PhD-laden cast and focused on the idea of a saboteur in the house. Oh, they had such grand plans! They had a website going in which America could take part in the saboteur's actions, they had hype, they had it all.

And it all went "poof!" when Annie, the saboteur, was evicted in the first week. So much for the plans of hamsters and man, eh? What are they going to do now to redeem the season? While they have diversity in personalities, this cast isn't tremendously explosive. We need some good brouhahas; we need good TV.

If we need good TV, this episode wasn't the place for it. It was a bit like watching the 24/7 live feeds during the downtime days. I sincerely hope something happens to liven the place up a bit. Although I promise to mock both Britney and Monet for being catty, I so need to have my own few minutes of cattiness as I talk about the hamsters.

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