Recap of Glee, Episode 1.22: "Journey" - Wetpaint

Talk about packing an emotional wallop! It was the season finale of Glee, and everyone was saying "I love you"! Heck, the three-word phrase was given out more frequently than free T-shirts at a computer conference, or more frequently than STDs at a... well, at any place other than at a computer conference.

It was another stellar, quip-heavy episode from Regionals judge Sue this week, whether she was comparing Will's hair to a briar patch full of racist Disney characters, or telling Schue about some crazy dream of hers involving "pink monkey butts." (A joke about "pink monkey butts"? Okay, so no one ever said this show's sense of humor resembled that of Oscar Wilde or anything.)

We've certainly heard plenty of hair quips this season, but we can support their return if they're as strong as tonight's was. (In other words, the return of something is acceptable as long as it's something that we enjoyed in the first place; the reunited New Kids on the Block could take a hint from that.)

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