Heroes Season 4, Episode 11: "Thanksgiving" - Review

People with powers celebrate Thanksgiving, too. And theirs is just as drama-filled and dysfunctional as us regular folk. The cleverly titled "Thanksgiving" gave us three different meals from three different families. Two of those stories were fairly unexceptional, save for a surprise or two, while the third had some great moments but could have and should have delivered more.

Let's start with the carnival group and their makeshift Thanksgiving meal. Hiro considered himself a prisoner as Samuel was keeping the location of Charlie a secret from him. When he shared this information with Lydia and Edgar, they were surprised that Samuel hadn't used Hiro to save Joseph. Lydia and Hiro then jumped back eight weeks and followed Samuel and Joseph and saw that it was Samuel who had killed his brother in a rage. This revelation wasn't too unexpected. If you hadn't considered it before this episode, it was likely the first thing you thought of when Lydia questioned why fixing the past didn't include a living Joseph.

The changing dynamics at the carnival were interesting. We now have Lydia and Edgar to root for as they try to free themselves from Samuel's control. Hiro talked a big game trying to get Samuel to reveal Charlie's location, but never went that extra step. He's too pure of heart, plus there was nobody's life he could threaten Samuel with, as there is truly no one else Samuel cares for. The "Beam me up, Scotty" ending was certainly unexpected. Samuel's reaction was classic, but I don't like how much the bit reminded me of "Child Hiro" from last season. Let's hope it's not heading in that direction.

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