Penelope Cruz Refuses to Believe That She's Sexy (VIDEO)

On '60 Minutes' (Sun., 7PM ET on CBS), famously beautiful actress Penelope Cruz confessed to an all-too-common worry: she doesn't think that she's "sexy." Interviewer Charlie Rose told Cruz that her sensuality was an essential part of her appeal. He also compared her to legendary bombshell Sophia Loren.

But Cruz denied the comparison. "I never felt, 'Oh, I think I look good,'" she said. "I always tend to be more in the insecure side."

Rose pressed the issue, calling her "beautiful" and sexy." "You know it's there," he said, referring to the effect that she has on men.

But Cruz said "No" three times in response to his accusations that she is -- in fact -- good-looking. Although she also admitted that she might never have allowed herself to enjoy her own appearance.

Wow. If even Penelope Cruz isn't confident about her looks -- then what hope is there for us mere mortals?

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