South Park: "Medicinal Fried Chicken" Review Season 14, Episode 3

Cartman has an addiction to Kentucky Fried Chicken (surprising, right). But when the only KFC in South Park gets replaced with a medicinal marijuana dispensary, Cartman is royally pissed. But Randy Marsh is geeked about the idea, leading us on an odd adventure involving giant testicles and an underground fried chicken market.

Randy can't enjoy the herb at the dispensary because he's perfectly healthy, so he has to find a way to get cancer. He tries an X-Ray machine, and way too much sun exposure, and holding his nads up to the microwave to try to get testicular cancer. And what do you freaking works. The very next morning Randy wakes up with balls that would make a bull elephant jealous. It's hilarious. Horribly disgusting, but hilarious.

Randy's enormous balls provide a sight gag throughout the story, and it doesn't take long until a bunch of other guys in South Park are bouncing on their balls and smoking weed too. You can't help but laugh at this stuff. It's brilliantly ludicrous. And, although the ball gag continues all the way to the end of the episode, the writers continuously tweak the jokes to keep it fresh. South Park has a tendency to run jokes into the ground, squeezing every last possible ounce of humor out of them, but this one didn't quite cross the line between comedy and annoyance.

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