Justified Episode 3: "Fixer" Review

The writers for this series are hitting the dialogue out of the park. I miss a few things here and there because of the accents, but the scene with Raylan and Ava in the pool hall was fantastic. Ava (Joelle Carter) was asking him all about Winona. He said he and Winona never wanted to come back to Lexington and that he's out of town the first chance he gets. And at that moment, Ava wiped her nose and said she's out of this town the first chance she gets too - and sinks the shot she missed seconds earlier when she was flirting. Saying nothing with saying everything.

"Fixer" began with yet another brief hint about Raylan's dad, though again we're being teased. I don't know why they're dragging this out, though I'd probably be less bothered if they only dispersed the information every few episodes rather than every episode.

And again, we're given another one-hour self-contained episode. While I like the show, I thought it had more to offer. Maybe we're in store for something greater on down the road, but I have to admit, this has been a little disappointing so far.

However, it wasn't a bad episode; on the contrary, it was a really entertaining one. We learn about the new informant, Pinter, a Brooklynite who may have had an on-again off-again relationship with a redhead in his time in New York. He loves desserts and somehow weighs 165. Pinter, though, is nearly murdered by two dumb criminals - one is his muscle and the other is a degenerate gambler.

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