Caprica Episode 7: "The Imperfections of Memory" Review Imperfections

I had reservations about Caprica initially, but this show has really turned into something great. It's not that this was even the best episode yet (that still remains "There is Another Sky"), but in the wake of re-watching all the episodes so far this past week as I caught my now-hooked-on-Caprica wife up on the show -- I was even more excited to see another strong new episode.

Amanda Graystone got a lot of focus here, as she began seeing visions of a young man we learned was her deceased brother, Darius. The reveal that Amanda had serious mental issues that had left her hospitalized in the wake of her brother's death were mixed with her embracing more and more of the altered state given pleasure Clarice offers, first through more Scorpion Ambrosia, and then by taking her to the opium den (or Caprican equivalent) she frequents.

It was a lot to process about Amanda at once, as we simultaneously revealed her troubled past and began to see her spiral out of control in the present. But Paula Malcomson really helped ground the character and did a great job of showing Amanda's pain and confusion, which also seemed to have some outside spiritual influence, as the vision of her brother led her right to a poster showing the very place he died.

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