Scrubs: My Manhood

So, I'm regretful to say that I did not laugh once during this episode of Scrubs. Not once.

As much as I love Scrubs, I fear that because the show has been on for so long (this is season 7...), they might be starting to run out of material. This seems to be resulting in 2 things: recycling of old story lines (having your manhood threatened? Don't we address this on a weekly basis) and trying to draw humor out of situations that, well, just aren't funny. The repeated joking about Elliot's friends and family members hanging themselves? Not funny.

While I understand that as a show ages, it tends to take on some more serious themes (like many of the characters becoming parents), on more than one occasion this season I feel that Scrubs has been making jokes that in my opinion just do not mesh with the tone of the series (Scrubs at its heart has always been a light-hearted medical comedy). This is not to say that Scrubs can't address serious issues; the episode in season 3 where Dr. Cox's brother-in-law Ben dies is one of the finest of the series and that was one of the show's most serious episodes. However, though that episode still had elements of the show's classic humor, they didn't try to draw humor out of that fact that someone had died of cancer. It just isn't funny, nor are jokes about hanging.

But besides one bad repeated joke, I found the episode as a whole to just not be not very funny. While I applaud the show for addressing the fact that a man can get breast cancer, I feel like they abandoned the story line without giving it any proper resolution. Also occurring in this episode: the Janitor's tri-daily newsletter which addresses happenings in the hospital (with what seems like a lack of journalistic integrity). While this was a cute idea, it didn't seem to merit the majority of time in an episode (it deserved two 15 second mentions). Other than that, not much more happened besides learning Kelso is being forced out of the hospital due to his age (which is Eliot's fault). Oh yeah, and Turk had a testicle removed, which accounted for his attempts to behave in an overly masculine way.

What did you all think? Did you not laugh either? Are you starting to feel Scrubs's age as well?



Default avatar cat
Apr 29, 2008 2:37AM EDT

I think your right in someways. my favorite episode is My lunch from season 5 because its one of the most dramatic episodes ive seen. i still like the comedy but in this My manhood it goes a bit off track. now they are more on to the peoples lives like elliot JD and cox that you dont see much of the hospital anymore, i still like the show because youve seen all the characters develop and change and is usually a good laugh =D!

Default avatar cat
May 5, 2008 1:05PM EDT

Quite true RachelL. I have been a massive scrubs fan since series 1. Both 6 & 7 are weak. Even 5 left me a little wanting. Decent script writing has been replaced by crappy bass notes after each awful joke and horrifically over stereotyped characters. Scrubs used to mix drama and comedy spot on. Each character is now restricted to their 'thing', such as Elliot being high pitched and irate or JD's MASSIVE daydreams every episode without fail. As its progressed, im sad to say scrubs = thin characters and none-existant story. Seriously lacks any real funnies.New writers please...I can still always watch my series 1 - 4 boxsets, mind

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