Recap The 4400: Season 3, Episode 2 - The New World Part 2

After injecting Ryland with an unknown substance Gary leaves the room with Ryland having a seizure, though Gary successfully manages to leave the room two security officers which are stationed outside are alerted to detain him and give chase. Exiting an elevator Gary is cornered by Nina, Tom and Diana and armed security guards.

Matthew Ross returns to the 4400 Center from a trip, on arrival Shawn greets Ross and updates him on the status of Isabelle, who had survived her free fall from the 4400 Center roof and healed and Lily, who Shawn states is deteriorating.

After conversing with Marco regarding Kevin Burkhoff, and the apparent syringe of promicin she had seen at his apartment she goes to visit him. Diana questions Kevin as to if he has been injecting himself with promicin, he rejects that he has been taking the promicin serum but states that he has been injecting himself with a modified version. Kevin tells Diana that once the course of treatment has finished he will have taught his body to produce promicin, that he will be the first non-4400 to develop 4400-like abilities. Unknown to Diana however Kevin has already begun to makeĆ¢€š progress, sporting his bare chest Kevin reveals to her he has begun to develop lacerations.

After Gary Navarro is taken from NTAC custody, an NSA agent subjects him to torture, including waterboarding. Daniel Armand rings Shawn telling him he will require money to go underground revealing to Shawn that a member of the Nova Group has been compromised. Gary reveals Armand'' name to the torturer soon after however Tom Baldwin breaks into the room in which Gary is being tortured and ends it.

Richard packs his and Lily's luggage into their car while Lily goes to visit Isabelle in her room to tell them they will be going to see another clinic. She advises her that Shawn will be looking out for her and presents Isabelle with a present, her wedding band. Outside Richard helps an emotional Lily into their car with Lily revealing she had lied to Isabelle and that Richard is the one who has to tell her the truth.

At NTAC headquarters Nina, Tom and Diana wait with a degree of anxiousness for October 19. Sometime later while in his office, asleep, Tom awakes and hears the words Oh my God, leaving his office he discovers via a news broadcast that 1,000-acre (4 km2) patch of barren sand in the Nubian Desert has overnight transformed into fertile wheat fields, the Nova Group claim responsibility with Diana commenting They make us all terrified, and then, rather than attacking us, they give us a gift.

The episode ends with a flashback to Tom feeding a young baby Kyle, meanwhile Maia attends her new school at the 4400 Center and Isabelle contemplates injecting her self with a serum Matthew Ross gave her, with the possibility it could save her mother. Sitting in their car, Richard reminisces about his and Lily's past while she slowly passes away next to him.

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