'Survivor' Season 20, Episode 11 Recap: Bring On the Boneheaded Moves!

Poppycock. I say that word mostly because I enjoy being able to write the last half of it without being censored, but also because the majority of the conversation in last night's Survivor was pure poppycock. Nonsense. Gobbledygook.

First we had J.T. calling Russell a good-old country boy. (No, he isn't.) Then we had Russell telling Jeff the merged tribe had decided to call itself Yin-Yang, because it means good and evil. (No, it doesn't.) And then, to top it all off, the episode ended with the blindsided J.T. telling cameras (complete with my spliced-in reactions): People are villains for a reason. [True, J.T. Russell is a villain for lying, Hannibal Lecter is a villain for finding people tasty, and Celine Dion is a villain for covering You Shook Me All Night Long.] Don't ever trust them. [Because why would you ever trust someone tapped with the villain label? That's like sniffing dry-erase markers when they're labeled toxic. It might be tempting, but you still shouldn't do it.] Worse than that, don't ever trust women. [Well - wait, what?! Russell was the ultimate reason behind your downfall, not the ladies! Unless one of them gave you one of those prank kaleidoscopes that leaves a black circle around your eye in some footage cut from the episode?]. Ever, ever, ever. [Or was it that $1 million bill attached to a string trick?]

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